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Optimally Triple Crit will be updated bi-weekly, once on Wednesday and once again on Saturday. If I can force myself to put out generate content more often, maybe we’ll figure out some sort of alliterative algorithm by which to allocate my attentions.  “Strapped-for-Time Scenario Saturdays.” “Wordcount? What Wordcount? Wednesdays.” Okay, maybe we can make the first one work, at least…

Just to whet your appetite, upcoming entry topics include:

  • A Review of Graham Walmsley’s Play Unsafe
  • A Few of My Favorite Online Gamemaster Resources
  • Gaming Playlists and Integrating Background Music
  • Flash for Ficcers, or How to Avoid TL DR Syndrome for your Character’s Fics

And sometime in the future, I’ll be including my original Savage Worlds Firefly scenario, designed for 4-6 players and meant to be run either over two-three short sessions or one long binge.

When asked to smuggle goods to a Agri-Corp world under Blue Sun’s thumb, the crew delivers their goods only to find themselves in the midst of a Reaver raid. But how come there are survivors, and what’s the Alliance doing sniffing around the frontier town? Soon the crew is in over their heads, trailed themselves by two Hands of Blue operatives, and a strange girl who is neither friend nor enemy…

Tune in next time for this, and much more!

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