A Review of Bethesda Softworks’ Skyrim

A Review of Bethesda Softworks’ Skyrim AKA where Lindevi has been the last few days. Dragon Age was a refreshing addition to the stagnating RPG category, but Skyrim brings it back to life. Bethesda took the flaws of Oblivion (difficulty scale, combat) and made them strengths in the latest installment. The perk system, while reminiscent of modern talent trees, specializes your character in a way that was only loosely touched in in Oblivion. Combat feels much more like an action RPG now, with the fast paced and showy elements of Diablo (though minus the monster hordes) and the final blow cinematics of...

A Lady, a Tramp, a Skyship and its Crew

A Lady, a Tramp, a Skyship and its Crew Some weeks ago I’d mentioned I’d run One Seven Design’s one shot, Lady Blackbird: Adventures in the Wild Blue Yonder. I forget where I initially heard about it, but I was immediately struck by the quality of the publications, and moreso the price. Free! Thinking to indulge my players’ known love for steampunk, I sent the project to Staples to be printed and called my friends over. But not before picking up some lemon-raspberry coffeecake and mini muffins, and brewing a pot of black tea with orange and sweet spice notes. As opposed to starting...

Blog Crits: Exchange of Realities

Even more Writing, Role-playing, & Gamemastering Tips & Tricks Three out of Three Crits So I finally happened upon Exchange of Realities, a blog centered on the crossroads between writing and gaming. It’s much older than Triple Crit, and as you pore over the right-hand column, you’ll probably be wowed by the sheer amount of material, not to mention the range of topics (I know I was). She even has meta-posts on blogging and NaNo. And she’s pretty freaking insightful, too. On The Problem with Pure Potential and its Alternative, she addresses...

A Review of Writing a Novel with Scrivener by David Hewson

A Review of Writing a Novel with Scrivener by David Hewson Anyone who’s tried Scrivener remembers opening it up for the first time and–at least for a moment–being utterly overwhelmed by all the options available. I’m all about teaching yourself the software, but I knew I’d want to go through the included tutorial for this one. True to its word, I slogged through all thirty to fourty minutes of it. Overall, it felt like it was a little too basic. And I still felt like I knew nothing about the software. Then I found a little gem in Amazon’s Kindle store. It looked perfect. And for only $6?...

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