The Wild Hunt: Reloaded

The Wild Hunt: Reloaded When we finally finished rolling out a Huckster, Mad Scientist, Ranger and Sharposhooter I found myself without any Deadlands scenarios to run, having taken internet access for granted despite the fact that we were gaming in a basement. The only Savage Worlds material I did have on my harddrive was the Free RPG Day module, “The Wild Hunt.” As I read it over (with my fingers crossed), I realized I might be able to adapt it for the Weird West after all. Instead of the Greyhound bus, my adventurers had hitched a ride on a covered wagon away from Sioux...

Sounds of the Desert Part 1

I’ve spent a lot of my time off from work on the Obsidian Portal Wiki for my weekly Dungeons & Dragons Campaign, Marrakesh, and I’m lucky enough to have players who are enthusiastic about contributing as well. M, who plays Zael, writes up fucking hilarious adventure logs every week, in addition to illustrating the characters and their exploits. One of the things I’m known for at the table is my extensive playlist to supplement their exploits in-game. I’ve gone through the trouble of listening to each track, adding comments to describe the...

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