Blog Crits: Exchange of Realities

Even more Writing, Role-playing, & Gamemastering Tips & Tricks Three out of Three Crits So I finally happened upon Exchange of Realities, a blog centered on the crossroads between writing and gaming. It’s much older than Triple Crit, and as you pore over the right-hand column, you’ll probably be wowed by the sheer amount of material, not to mention the range of topics (I know I was). She even has meta-posts on blogging and NaNo. And she’s pretty freaking insightful, too. On The Problem with Pure Potential and its Alternative, she addresses...

Downshifting Slightly

It’s been almost three weeks since the launch of Triple Crit, and I have six fairly lengthy posts up between the three categories, article and exercise indices, book hoards, and more. Not to mention over a hundred pageviews! You guys are awesome! I’d been going on a tri-weekly posting schedule to get a foundation of content up so that I could think about beginning to promote it besides from just on my Twitter, but now I’m going to have to slow down to once or twice a week. Not because I don’t love you guys, but because I have a new project to...

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