Sailor Moon Role-playing Resources

Sailor Moon Role-playing Resources There aren’t many resources left on the Net for the Guardians of Order Sailor Moon Roleplaying Game, but below is my attempt to collect them, resources of my own creation, and Sailor Moon-related links. Advice The Sailor Moon RPG Tumblr has a collection of GM and player advice specific to the tabletop game. Character Creation OtakuSenshi.com and the Sailor Star Seed Supply Shoppe are both great sites that give advice on the various considerations of making your own Sailor Senshi, including names, outfit, attacks, and so on. Game Reference Sheets You can...

Seven Steps to Character Creation Worksheet

Seven Steps to Character Creation Worksheet Over the last few months I’ve refined a one-page character background worksheet to fill out when I’m a player or to hand out at the start of a campaign when I’m game mastering. It’s designed in such a way to get players thinking in broad strokes about what sort of character they want to play and what sorts of stories want to tell during the campaign. It’s designed primarily to supplement systems whose game mechanics don’t account for character traits, but in character-driven systems like FATE this sheet can also be used to...

“Into the Another World”: Crossing Over Time and Place in RPGs

“Into the Another World”: Crossing Over Time and Place in RPGs How many anime have present-day protagonists get sent backwards in time, or to another world entirely? Off the top of my head I can name Inuyasha, Fushigi Yuugi, Escaflowne, Magic Knight Rayearth, the Twelve Kingdoms without batting an eye. This theme is a beloved one of mine, and it isn’t surprising that many of the above are among my favorite series ever. It works so well as a television/manga trope, but I wonder if it can’t–or won’t–translate into the realm of pen and paper role-playing...

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