What I Learned From Women RPG Groups

What I Learned From Women RPG Groups Image by Stjepan Sejic via Image Comics Like many people who are part of the hobby, my first experiences in role-playing games (RPGs) were with groups where men made up the majority of players. Although I had a blast playing with them and quickly grew to love the hobby, it wasn’t until many years later that I had a chance to run games for groups that were mostly or entirely composed of folks who didn’t identify as men. I was shocked by how the tone of the group seemed so different from what I was used to: cooperation and camaraderie reigned over competition and...

Interview on Luna Station Quarterly

Interview on Luna Station Quarterly Jessica Powell (@jehzavere on Twitter) has interviewed me for her latest column on Luna Station Quarterly! She asks me about my experience as a woman gamemaster, what advice I have for women looking to get a job in the gaming industry, how to become a gamemaster yourself if you come from more of a writing background, and much more! Here’s a quick excerpt from the interview: 3. What advice do you have for women who want to get a job in the gaming industry? What education and skills will they need? Jobs in gaming industry encompass a tremendous number of possible...

Girls on Games Kickstarter

Girls on Games Kickstarter It’s not often that I promote other people’s Kickstarters, but this one is near and dear to my heart as a woman in the gaming industry. Check it out, pass it on, and perhaps even back it if it means something to you. A compilation of essays by women in the tabletop games industry about past and current struggles and secrets & tips for new designers. Our chapter topics include: Anecdotes or stories about being a woman in the game industry Advice for women on overcoming challenges women face in this field Advice for men on how to make inclusion a...

Online or Tabletop, but Never Both; Young Women in Gaming Redux

Online or Tabletop, but Never Both; Young Women in Gaming Redux When asked what my dream freelance project might be, I immediately thought, “boy, wouldn’t it be great if I could buy the RPG rights to Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy,” since right now my work on the Lady Blackbird hack is stalled because, well, she expressly forbids RPG’s based off of her games, in spite of the healthy crop of play-by-post forums that populates the net (and has, for the last five years at least). Granted, there are only a few mainstays compared to the number that rise and fall in a given year (lesson of that story:...

Gamer Chicks and Chicks who Game (con’t): The Mainstream Dilemma

Gamer Chicks and Chicks who Game (con’t): The Mainstream Dilemma One thing I realized as I finished writing Gamer Chicks and Chicks who Game: Why We Need Both is that my argument hinges on the mainstream element. That is to say, the article generally assumes that going mainstream is a good thing for every system and an end worth pursuing by the industry as a whole. That isn’t necessarily what I wanted to say. Mainstream is better for its future players, but we have to be cautious as to how we affect the current games on the market. Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition and its Essentials line stand for that move I was talking...

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