Day 16: Investigation and Mysteries

Day 16: Investigation and Mysteries My first real roleplaying game campaign was Dark Heresy in 2008, which my friend had managed to pick up during its immediately-sold-out first print run by Black Industries. Dark Heresy was also the first game I ran myself as a fledgling GM later that year. It was serendipitous that I was able to introduce my boyfriend to the Warhammer Universe and roleplaying itself during the Dark Heresy Second Edition Beta, which as you might have heard is being revamped for rerelase next month! When asked to describe Dark Heresy in only a few words, I immediately think...

A Lady, a Tramp, a Skyship and its Crew

A Lady, a Tramp, a Skyship and its Crew Some weeks ago I’d mentioned I’d run One Seven Design’s one shot, Lady Blackbird: Adventures in the Wild Blue Yonder. I forget where I initially heard about it, but I was immediately struck by the quality of the publications, and moreso the price. Free! Thinking to indulge my players’ known love for steampunk, I sent the project to Staples to be printed and called my friends over. But not before picking up some lemon-raspberry coffeecake and mini muffins, and brewing a pot of black tea with orange and sweet spice notes. As opposed to starting...

The Wild Hunt: Reloaded

The Wild Hunt: Reloaded When we finally finished rolling out a Huckster, Mad Scientist, Ranger and Sharposhooter I found myself without any Deadlands scenarios to run, having taken internet access for granted despite the fact that we were gaming in a basement. The only Savage Worlds material I did have on my harddrive was the Free RPG Day module, “The Wild Hunt.” As I read it over (with my fingers crossed), I realized I might be able to adapt it for the Weird West after all. Instead of the Greyhound bus, my adventurers had hitched a ride on a covered wagon away from Sioux...

You Only Live Twice: Espionage RPG’s and Gaps in the Genre

You Only Live Twice: Espionage RPG’s and Gaps in the Genre As I still struggle to return to Marrakesh with my players (as I talked about in The Selfish GM), I thought I’d run something a touch different. That is to say, a mix of Ocean’s 11, Casino Royale, Inception, and the Italian Job. Armed with a playlist of the soundtrack from those and a few other movies (notably The Dark Knight and Tron), I ran a variation of Andy’s “City Lights, Late Nights, and Encyption Chip 416,” detailed in his upcoming Pendulum supplement for gamemasters. Emphasis on the variation, as I did not have the time or...

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