The Selfish GM

The Selfish GM When you realize that your once-weekly game becomes a chore, something you dread and stress over, you’re doing something wrong. The game is supposed to be fun, for players and GM alike. So this week and next I’m taking a break to re-focus and hopefully answer the question that’s bugging me most: why have I lost interest in running my campaign? And, more importantly, what can I do to fix this? It seems to be boiling down to the truth that many GMs run the games that they wish they were playing, as Telas points out at Gnome Stew. Or we try, to,...

Chekhov’s Gun, Raising the Stakes, and Due Cause

As I pore over my new Dungeon Master’s Book (pooh-pooh Essentials all you want–the DM side is simpler and contains all the errata necessary to combat the last few years’ power creep) and Dungeon Tiles for Athas, the City, and the Dungeon, I remember that I still need to prep for the meat of tomorrow’s session. No, it’s not the monster tokens or the fucking badass 3D cart they’ll be defending a few sessions from now, it’s the story, the challenge, and their desires that really make the game. And, as one still new to...

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