Day 22: Novel Advice for RPGs

Day 22: Novel Advice for RPGs As any reader of my blog knows, I’m an aspiring writer. And like most aspiring writers, I’ve often substituted the act of writing with reading about writing. While this hasn’t done much for improving my craft in a practical sense, it does mean that I’ve absorbed a lot of narrative structure and literary element theorycraft. (It does help a lot with developmental editing, however.) For this reason, I’ve always approached RPGs from an author’s perspective, which isn’t always useful considering that one medium is interactive and...

NaNoPrepMo ’14: Five Writing Resource Sites

NaNoPrepMo ’14: Five Writing Resource Sites It’s not quite October yet, but the internet is already gearing up for another awesome year of NaNoWriMo! Here are a handful of sites chock full of writing resources to get your creative juices flowing or help you along the journey: #1. StoryToolz.com This simple and clean site has a number of tools that are eminently useful to WriMo’s, including random generators, word counters, and prose analyzers. #2. Writer’s Digest Writing Articles Writer’s Digest is ultimately a company specializing in selling you writing advice and help, but they have...

NaNoPrepMo ’13: Five Free Writing Guides

NaNoPrepMo ’13: Five Free Writing Guides I was poking through my writing folder this morning and realized I had collected several free writing guides over the years. So I’ve tracked them down again for you to take advantage of without having to shell out the cash moneys (I’d also recommend looking in the 808 Non-fiction section of your local library). It’s September again and there’s less than two months til NaNoWriMo! I’ve decided I’m going to go for it this year, this time without pesky things like classes and homework to worry about–just work, life, and visiting...

November RPG Blog Carnival: Writing the Game

November RPG Blog Carnival: Writing the Game Triple Crit is proud to be hosting the November 2012 Role-playing Game Blog Carnival on a topic well-suited to the blog: Writing in RPGs. National Novel Writing Month is well underway by now, and National Game Design Month will be running alongside it, so writing is seemingly on everyone’s mind for the rest of the month. We gamers know that it’s a yearlong curse, and we struggle with it weekly if not daily. Whether it’s prep, history, flavor, descriptions, notes, or logs, writing is an essential tool in the arsenal of the GM. So too for players, who...

October, aka NaNoPrepMo

October, aka NaNoPrepMo Aside from cooking, one favorite procrastination pastime of mine is working on a book ideas, and with November and NaNoWriMo just around the corner, what better time than to take a fresh look at my novel idea of auld, Ragnavald. Without going into excruciating detail, you could say it’s epic fantasy set in an imagined 18th century Vinland replete with intrigue, politics, gods and gunpowder. Very dark, tragic, and mythic, just the way I like my music. In between homework assignments I’ll be working my way through two books (I couldn’t decide which...

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