The Wild Hunt: Reloaded

The Wild Hunt: Reloaded When we finally finished rolling out a Huckster, Mad Scientist, Ranger and Sharposhooter I found myself without any Deadlands scenarios to run, having taken internet access for granted despite the fact that we were gaming in a basement. The only Savage Worlds material I did have on my harddrive was the Free RPG Day module, “The Wild Hunt.” As I read it over (with my fingers crossed), I realized I might be able to adapt it for the Weird West after all. Instead of the Greyhound bus, my adventurers had hitched a ride on a covered wagon away from Sioux...

You Only Live Twice: Espionage RPG’s and Gaps in the Genre

You Only Live Twice: Espionage RPG’s and Gaps in the Genre As I still struggle to return to Marrakesh with my players (as I talked about in The Selfish GM), I thought I’d run something a touch different. That is to say, a mix of Ocean’s 11, Casino Royale, Inception, and the Italian Job. Armed with a playlist of the soundtrack from those and a few other movies (notably The Dark Knight and Tron), I ran a variation of Andy’s “City Lights, Late Nights, and Encyption Chip 416,” detailed in his upcoming Pendulum supplement for gamemasters. Emphasis on the variation, as I did not have the time or...

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