Looking Ahead to Gen Con

Looking Ahead to Gen Con It’s really only a little more than a month away, and I’m excited to be going to “the best four days in gaming” (for my first time) as part of the Fantasy Flight Games team. Also for the first time, FFG is going to be demoing all of their role-playing game lines for beginners and experts alike. Not only do I get to introduce people to the game line I work on, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, but I also get to GM one of my favorite game systems and settings in general, Warhammer Fantasy 3rd edition. I played one of my all-time most memorable...

Talking Edge of the Empire on Order 66 Podcast Ep 12

Talking Edge of the Empire on Order 66 Podcast Ep 12 So GM Dave and GM Chris do an awesome job on their Order 66 Podcast, the only one to my knowledge to cover the Edge of the Empire roleplaying game line. I was lucky enough to be invited onto their show to talk about my work on the Free RPG Day adventure, Shadows of a Black Sun. Take a listen if you can; my interview starts around the halfway mark, but the first half of the show has invaluable advice for players and GMs alike. Episode 12: Once You Go Black Sun, You Never Go Back, Son Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. That is the only way to describe this epic episode. The Order 66...

Origins 2013 Debriefing

Origins 2013 Debriefing So this year was my first Origins, and I really hope it isn’t my last. I had a great time playing 40 hours of games over the course of four days, even if I was averaging only 5-6 hours of sleep a night (or less). I picked up a signed copy of the Shadowrun 5th edition core rulebook, played or ran three different versions of Star Wars, scored some sweet deals in the dealer hall, and got to enjoy the local restaurant scene, to name some of the highlights of my trip. Unsurprisingly, 18 hour bus rides on Megabus are brutal, but at $35 a ticket from Minneapolis to...

My Origins 2013 Schedule

My Origins 2013 Schedule I honestly can’t believe it’s already June. Partly because we had snowfall less than a month ago, but also because time has truly flown since I started working on Star Wars. When I’m not staying late to hit deadlines, I’m playing or running at least two RPGs a week (Dresden Files, Edge of the Empire, and a friend’s homebrew system, Syrionys). I’ve also been attempting to initiate the boy into role-playing games, though it hasn’t been easy topping games like Skyrim or Total War: Shogun 2 for him. That, and I’ve been...

Edge of the Empire RPG Developer Demos & Panels May 3rd-5th

Edge of the Empire RPG Developer Demos & Panels May 3rd-5th I’m really excited to share that Star Wars: Edge of the Empire is going to be one of the featured game lines at the Star Wars Game Experience held May 3rd-5th . In addition to tournaments for X-Wing and the Star Wars LCG, my fellow producers and I will be running a character creation workshop, demoing Edge of the Empire itself, and doing a panel on creating your own campaigns in the Star Wars universe. Designer Jay Little will also be having a Q&A session about what it was like to create the mechanics for Edge of the Empire and the X-Wings miniatures game....

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