Rites, Rituals & RPG’s

Rites, Rituals & RPG’s As you may well have guessed from my inclusion of astrology, Tarot, and totemic/polytheistic home-brew material in my discussion of role-playing games, I’m a practicing pagan. Today is one of those days that’s kind of a big deal: it’s simultaneously Midsummer and the First Day of Summer (yeah, explain that one to me), also known as “Liþa” (Litha) in the Saxon tongue. It’s a celebration of love, fire, and growth, be it of the land, body, or soul. Intwischa has a rather timely article up on Ritual-Driven Adventures: the Rites of the...

A Double-edged Sword: Making Your Greatest Strengths Your Greatest Weaknesses

For the typical D&D player, the game essentially boils down to “winning.” You slay the monsters, find the treasure, level up. A steady upward climb. Fun, to be sure, but I’d rather just play a board or video game if I wanted that. Tabletop allows for a little something more, that is to say, the unparallelled ability to tell any story, act any part. It’s the stage on a smaller scale, in which the audience are also the actors. What drives a story more than anything else? Conflict. So the GM twists your arm a little. Hits you where it hurts....

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