The Dr. Who/Tsubasa/Kingdom Hearts-style Campaign


Lately I’ve been kicking around a campaign concept that could be pretty freaking epic if I can manage to pull it off with the right group and the right story and find a time that works for everyone (pretty much impossible, I know). I also blame Gnome Stew/Engine Publishing’s Odyssey for getting me excited about running a campaign again.

The basic premise is this: you’re hopping role-playing game settings, systems, time, and space in order to try and return home after being banished or swept away from where you belong by mysterious forces. Each player creates a beginning-level character in a role-playing game of their choice and brings it to the table, and transposes the concept to whatever system of the month we’re rolling with as the characters explore that world and find the portal to advance to the next. As they go on adventures together and grow in strength, they begin to piece together clues to reveal what brought them together and why, and how their destiny may be entwined with the fate of the entire metaverse. I suppose it’s like Planescape, only you’re not limited to Dungeons & Dragons.

Although it seems like it would be a lot of work for me, I am very Piscean in how I tend to pick up a new campaign and then quickly want to switch over to a new one: like ADD or Altaholism for Game Masters, only with multiple systems and storylines. This way, just when I begin to get bored or dissatisfied with one system I am able to start prepping and getting excited for the possibilities of another. But this way I don’t burn my players out, since they are more or less playing the same character every time, though with a slightly different incarnation depending on the paradigm and physics of that particular world.

It would also give me a chance to use the many, many role-playing games I’ve accumulated over the years that sit forlorn on my shelf: Dungeons & Dragons 4e, Dark Heresy, 1st Edition AD&D, Legend of the Five Rings, Burning Wheel, Shadowrun, Houses of the Blooded, Dresden Files, A Song of Ice and Fire, Savage Worlds, and now the new Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, to name a few. Plus any pet systems the players bring with them to the table that they never get to play because its so niche or just want to try because it sounds cool.

Suffice it to say, I’m really pumped, and I’ve already started brainstorming ideas, though I’ll need to know who’s playing, what character concept they have, and what system they would want to bring with them before I could craft the main story arc for them. Here’s for hoping I can manage to get the ball rolling!

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  1. Jeff says:

    I love this idea!

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