The Top 5 Crits of 2015


2015 was a phenomenal year for me professionally: the premium pre-orders of The Worlds of Android were released, the Android novellas were announced, and I got engaged! TripleCrit had its share of highlights as well.

I managed to publish 54 posts, which is just over one post a week on average, bringing the total number of posts up to 220. I’m certain that in a few short months we’ll have reached 100,000 hits here at TripleCrit, which will be the blog’s biggest milestone so far. For 2016, I’m going to try to continue posting weekly on Saturdays, so if you have any post ideas, use the contact form or the ask box on my Tumblr!

Without further ado, the following five posts from 2015 were the most popular on TripleCrit:

A Conflict-Driven Character Creation Questionnaire

This list of questions to ask of your fictional characters works for novels and tabletop RPG campaigns, player characters and villains, and everything in between. I’ve adopted it as my go-to character background sheet and have used it at the start of two campaigns now, and I find this questionnaire has made it much easier for me to adapt player material into the game or think about a protagonist’s character arc in my stories.

31 Days of NaNoPrepMo

In prepping for this year’s NaNoWriMo, I compiled a list of daily writing prompts that would help me and other writers discover their protagonist, cultivate important writing habits, and develop our novel’s story and setting before taking the plunge into the first draft. And I’ve compiled them into a free ebook bundle you can download and use to guide your novel prep work no matter what month it is.

Gamemastering for Emotional Impact Pt. 1

I was inspired by a designer diary I wrote for Force and Destiny and a conversation with a fellow GM to elaborate on what I believe the most important part of being a gamemaster: eliciting an emotional response in the audience via the character. This post began a series of blog posts that examines how to evoke emotion in your home RPG campaigns—a series I will be continuing in 2016.

30 Days of Gamemastering Challenge Day 24:
Canon vs AU vs Homebrew Settings in RPGs

At this point, I’ve tried running campaigns in all three styles of settings: adhering to canon, jumping off of an established setting but with an alternative universe, and even taking the time to craft my own homebrews. Here I discuss the lessons I’ve learned from those different campaigns, and the upsides and downsides of each type of setting as I’ve experienced them from a gamemaster’s perspective.

A Gamemistress’s Manifesto v2.0

In preparation for my Knights of Dragoneia campaign, I revisited my old Gamemistress’s Manifesto with the experience I’d gained in the intervening three years. In particular, I restructured the manifesto to include what I expect of my players and what I will offer them in return. Perhaps it will inspire you to think about your own gamemastering philosophy and your gaming group’s social contract.

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