Wild Cards for Savage Elder Scrolls


On Friday my brothers, Eric and I started fooling around with character creation for the Savage Worlds tabletop conversion of the Elder Scrolls games, and last night after running the SIFRP one-shot, “Wedding Knight,” Elise and Pam drafted some of their own. It seems that Bosmer archers are pretty popular, as well as Khajiit rogues, as we’ve had two of each already. Eric began drafting his two-fisted, ambidextrous Redguard fighter with telekenesis for good measure in his attempt to “break” the game, but I’ve been working on adapting two characters from my Skyrim game, Valyria Vargus, Imperial Legion Battlemage, and Ra’shal Dawnstalker, Khajiit rogue. They may or may not show up as NPC’s… We rolled birthsign randomly to make things more interesting, and also because you don’t really have any say over when you’re born, but that random element is pretty unpopular with the players. Maybe I’ll allow that in exchange for something else. Anyway, without further ado, here they are:

Valyria Vargus

Imperial Battlemage

Imperial Pace: 6 Toughness: 6 (Armored) Charisma: +2
The Shadow Parry: 5 Magicka: 10
Agility: d6 Star of the West: +1 to recover from Shaken
Smarts: d4 Hindrances: Code of Honor, Loyal, Vow
Spirit: d8 Edges: Power Points, Attractive
Strength: d6 Powers: Bolt (Firebolt), Succor (Minor Respite)
Vigor: d6 Gear: Long Sword, Studded Imperial Armor (Head, Arms, Torso, Legs)
Destruction: d8
Fighting: d8
Intimidation: d6
Notice: d6
Persuasion: d8*
Restoration: d6
Valyria is fresh from her training among the Battlemages, in spite of her father’s protestations. Corvus Vargus, once a decorated war hero, was broken man after the Siege of the Imperial City, during which he lost both his city and his wife, the noblelady Hadriana Acilia. He did not want his only daughter to follow in the military tradition of the family, but with very few female relatives to guide her, she found her own way as a proficient fighter and a mage.

* Started at d6 for Race

Ra’shal Dawnstalker

Khajiit Rogue

Khajiit Pace: 8 Toughness: 5 (Armored) Charisma: 0
The Steed Parry: 5 Magicka: 5
Agility: d10* Eye of Night: Low Light Vision, Khajiit Claws: Str+d6
Smarts: d8 Hindrances: Curious, Wanted, Big Mouth
Spirit: d6 Edges: Thief
Strength: d6 Powers: Obscure (Chameleon), Confusion (Serenity)
Vigor: d4 Gear: Dagger, Leather Armor, Lockpicks
Climbing: d6+4**
Fighting: d6
Illusion: d6
Lockpicking: d6+2
Notice: d4
Stealth: d8+2
Streetwise: d6
Throwing: d4
Ra’shal has been on run from Elsweyr for years. Her lover imprisoned by the Thalmor, his last words to her was that, should he ever escape, he would meet up with her in the land where the dunes were cold as ice and pierced high into the horizon. She took this to mean Skyrim, and has been trading with the various caravans since. She works primarily as a fence of information, always looking for the one piece that will give her the wherabouts of her love.

* Started at d6 for Race, ** +2 for Khajiit Claws

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